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Hello! I'm a 22 years old guy living in Italy whom goes by the nickname as GeoB99 around the Internet (formerly I was known as Fraizeraust). I'm a self-taught coder with C being the programming language of interest and choice for me, but I also have some bits of expertise in C++, Lua (a scripting language) and web development languages (HTML and CSS). I'm also a multilingual person which I speak the following languages: English, Italian and Romanian (whose third language being my mother tongue). Apart from coding I do also have several hobbies such as listening to music and whatnot. As main education I studied automotive engineering and worked as an automotive technician. As my current career I work as a CNC machinist whose my job is to operate CNC machines for the production of heating elements thorough the analysis and execution of technical drawing sketches.

 Work & Contributions

The first contribution I've made in terms of coding is writing some scripts written in the Lua language for a 2D top-down shooter game called CS2D in 2015. At that time I began dwelling and exploring the realm of coding. I programmed the first simple software in C, a CLI (Command Line Interface) calculator.

In 2017 I discovered a project going by the name as ReactOS and in the same year I contributed for the first time translating some built-in software programs of the project in Romanian and Italian. Later on I began learning how to use the Windows API, understanding the inner architecture and internals of Windows Server 2003 and whatnot. I've been a maintainer for a little while for On-Screen Keyboard and developed a built-in program for the project for the first time -- the Accessibility Utility Manager. Currently my main area of interest is NT kernel development and NTDLL APITESTs testcases infrastructure. Speaking of which, I publish tutorial articles regarding NT kernel development internals. You can find my commit contributions in this page.


You can reach me via E-mail, fraizeraust99 (at) gmail (dot) com or via Matrix, I'll make sure to answer your mails/replies in time but in case I can't, please be patient as I'm busy with my real life stuff. I reserve the right to block anyone who spams me useless crap so be wise what you're trying to post to me.

 Miscellaneous sites

Link Description
ReactOS Tutorials Section for hosting tutorials and other articles
ReactOS Tutorials Documentation A small knowledge base of documentation internals of Windows
ReactOS Testing Contest Archive Testing contest archive repository (courtesy of Cernodile for hosting it)